AI-Driven Robotic Laboratory

In an emerging research paradigm, we are building AI-driven labs that integrate automated experimenting with artificial intelligence-guided data interpretentation and decision-making to synthesize and evaluate new materials. 

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Energy Materials

Innovative materials play a critical role in achieving a net-zero future. Our focus is to develop alternative high-performing materials for next-generation energy storage techniques through design, synthesis, and electrochemical analysis. We closely collaborate with computational scientists on ab-initio modeling and beamline scientists on advanced in-situ characterizations at synchrotron and neutron facilities 

All-solid-state batteries

High-entropy solid electrolytes

Selected Publications: 

Process Engineering

Recycling end-of-life products offers unique opportunities for creating resilient domestic supply chains of critical metals. We develop efficient and sustainable chemical extraction, separation, and recovery processes in closed-loop by integrating modeling, automation, robotics, and AI. 

Selected Publications: